I’m Azam Hasanpour

Azam Hasanpour is a multi-disciplinary film and theatre artist who is graduated of Scene and Costume Design (B.A) and Cinema (MA) from University of Tehran. She is currently studying Film and Media Arts (MFA) at Temple University. Having reasonable experiences in different fields of Film and Theatre projects, she has been concentrating on film and Costume Design issue for eight years and has achieved reasonable experience in these field. Beside artistic experiences she is working in research areas and her researches about Structure, Time and NarrativeMultiplicity of points of view in Terrence Malick’s Trilogy”, “The Reflection of the languages and cultures of the Iranian people in the Iranian feature films” has been published in Iran.

Furthermore, working in official and executive tasks are her other abilities In this way, she has worked in some festivals such as Fadjr International Film and Theatre Festival, Iran International Green Film Festival and Green Me Global Festival for Sustainability and etc.